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1. A national transportation plan, emphasizing double-tracked electric trains. Minimizing transit, and maximizing efficiency. There's a sensible radius in which truck transit makes sense; most long-distance transit of containers, people and mixed cargo should be done by rail. De-emphasize air travel, it is expensive and over-polluting in the worst place, the upper atmosphere. Develop innovative ways, such as superior urban design, to avoid unnecessary daily commutes.
2. Local transit via electric cars, 100 miles of all-electric range plus a small gas generator for occasional trips longer than 100 miles per day. The batteries exist now, are well-proven and standard lead-acid or Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) proven to yield more than 100 miles range on a charge for years of operation. An EV travels up to 6 mile on each kilo-Watt-hour (kWh) of energy; to go 1000 miles per month takes about 200 kWh, about one-fifth of the average home's electric usage.
3. Solar rooftop systems on every roof in America. Each person, on average, has 1000 square feet of roof area, enough for 100 square meters of solar system. After allowance for shade, roof configuration, etc., this enables a solar system of at least 20 square meters per person, or 2 kilo-Watts to 4 kilo-Watts per person -- more than enough to power 100 miles of Electric car driving per day. This solves the daytime peak power problem, and simultaneously helps cool the homes under the roofs. This "EV-PV" is no fantasy, it's reality for those driving Electric cars, using the money saved from gas to pay for their rooftop solar systems.
4. Wind and tidal power for off-peak production of electric, and use of hydro to store excess daytime solar production by storing water (as is done at Lake Castaic and other reservoirs).
5. New industries producing world-class quantities of solar panels and efficient autos. EVs and solar power were invented in America, we should be the experts and the world producer. New rail and high-technology information industries must replace oil wells, oil refineries, oil wars, oil presidents and oil politicians, and lessen oil runoff, oil fires, oil refinery pollution, auto and other emissions.
To force politicians to move in this direction, unified grass-roots power is needed. Big Oil has all the money and power, now, but the people can withdraw it from Big Oil at any time they flex their will and exert their power.

To help this campaign, join
TAXPAYERS AGAINST BIG OIL an ad-hoc umbrella group, dedicated to reducing the power of Big Oil and its stranglehold on America. Don't be passive, join up!

Each member helps increase our clout. Prove we have paying members and that people want Big Oil to be reined in, oil subsidies eliminated, a tax on oil pollution, clean Electric cars such as the ones we drive every day, and a rational plan for building an EV and solar power industrial base.

To join as a fully-paid-up lifetime member, send one dollar via US Mail to
Taxpayers Against Big Oil, c/o Doug Korthof, 1020 Mar Vista, Seal Beach 90740-5842.

You will eventually receive a bumper sticker "
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EV-PV can replace oil, natural gas, nuclear energy in America