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 Video Log of mostly videos by Doug Korthof

Secrets of the RAV4-EV: plugs into solar, uses no gas An EV can charge off solar in the daytime, plug-in anywhere, could have an optional genset to generate electric on long trips. The optional charger and genset should be under the hood. This makes it an instand PHEV-120.
Linda Nicholes, Stephano Paris at Howard and Linda's You can't crush dreams, and the EV1 started it all.
Thundersky battery failure in Bob Siebert's conversion Trials and travails of trying to get Lithium to work in a Conversion.
Nickel batteries perfect for GM Volt or real EV How the serial hybrid works and why Nickel Metal Hydride is perfect for the daily run, then when it is exhausted, the genset runs the car, the NiMH batteries stay empty until you arrive at home and charge them at night.
Prius: Not an EV, can't plug in What's wrong with the Prius, the gas engine is embedded in the drive-train, it's really a gas car and almost impossible to convert to an EV. 
Plug-in hybrid misconceptions refuted Phony engineers maintain it's harder to make a plug-in serial hybrid with 40 miles all-electric range than it is to make an EV with 120 miles range. These conceptions examined and refuted. A series hybrid is an EV with a range-extender, by definition it need have no more cycles than an EV, if run correctly.
RAV4-EV an instant serial plug-in hybrid Why are GM and Toyota ignoring existing plug-in cars that use existing batteries?
GM tells tall tales about EV1 and VOLT Why is GM ignoring the EV1 and RAV4-EV experience? GM pretends that the EV1 was a failure, still, and lies about the range it had. GM refuses to use Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Lead-acid batteries for the supposed VOLT.
GM Magnecharger part of GM plot to kill EV1 The magnecharger disconnects the EV from the existing electric infrastucture, requiring new and failure-prone "chargers" to be installed. This helped kill EV1.
GM self-destrucing because owned by oil GM's mistakes seem almost as if it were designed to preserve oil dependence and large gas-guzzlers. Despite all the rhetoric, GM is still lobbying and suing to stop clean air, and fought for years to kill EVs. One theory about why.
GM and Chevron killed EV1 and commuter rail Commuter oil-free transit worries Chevron but why is GM so opposed to oil-free cars?
Solar can replace gasoline in cars Examination of the daily usage curve shows there is too much electric capacity at night. Solar lowers daytime peak, and off-peak charging of EVs both help the grid.
Daily commute with solar power and plug-in car We go to our roof to get the power for the daily commute, not to overseas oil imports
GM killed the EV1, but not the idea of EV1 GM, in effect, denies that an EV can go more than 50 miles on Nickel Metal Hydride or Lead batteries. GM postpones making the VOLT, waits for Lithium.

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RAV4-EV could have been a VOLT The RAV4-EV drives all-electric at least 40 miles, but it really exists while the mythical VOLT is just a GM phantasm.
California Air Resources Board failure (6 tapes) Commuting to CARB in a RAV4-EV, fuel cell follies and other topics. The strange case of the do-nothing California Air Resources Board, which spends $300 million per year, but does nothing about toxic auto emissions that stunt kids lungs, as shown by a recent U.S.C. study published in the NIH Lancet.
This common-sense fact just validates prior studies that autos cause permanent lung damage during ages 10-18, years of rapid lung development.
2004: Smoggy air and damaged lungs in kids correlated
2006: NSC says Auto emissions the dirtiest thing we do
2007 Solar Conference tour of large L.A. systems (4 tapes) Revealing bad design for large systems in the L.A. area, perhaps that's why the small installers got falsely blamed for inefficient systems. Thus, the CSI is truly a solution in search of a problem, the problem is big systems and bad bureaucratic decisions. Tour of L.A. Convention Center, CalTrans, DWP, IBEW-Contractors training center, and CSU Dominguez Hills.
GM lots empty, Toyota full (6 tapes) Random sorties to compare relatively empty GM showrooms with bustling Toyota dealers
Toyota Protest Playlist (4 tapes) Protest Toyota joining GM's lawsuit to stop California from regulating GreenHouseGases and enforcing ZEV mandate.
Rav4-EV Nickel battery story (2 tapes) What are these long-lasting batteries, and how dangerous?
HBPO Playlist of all 4 Paddle-Out videos  
Huntington Beach Paddle-Out for plastic-free Ocean (1) Sunday Oct. 28: Kurt Lieber, Ocean Defenders, Seafood Watch, and Sea Shepard speaks of Sea Urchins, their destruction of kelp, and why we need Sea Otters, Sheepshead and Lobsters to predate on the Urchins and save the kelp.
Huntington Beach Paddle-Out for plastic-free Ocean (2) Paddleboarder Tom Jones one-on-one interview, lobsters and drift nets, Stephanie Barger. Finishes with scense from the paddle-out.
Huntington Beach Paddle-Out for plastic-free Ocean (3) Jericho Poplar surfing legend and Founding Director of Surfrider speaks on Clean Ocean.
Huntington Beach Paddle-Out for plastic-free Ocean (4) Inspirational talk by Huntington Beach resident Tom Jones, who paddled from Oregon to Mexico to publicize the need for clean Ocean, ending with scenes from the Paddle-out.
"Searching for an EV" 10 tape playlist Reality of the RAV-EV and searching for other EVs in vain

 Jewels of Orange County (also on

Castaways Park and Environmental Nature Center Tape 1, how to find it and a cursory look at the current construction of the ENS, their grounds and their new solar system.
Tongva Memorial in Seal Beach Overlooking the Hellman Wetlands. This memorial was created, and the nearby ORA-264 saved, largely due to the efforts of Tongva Chief Anthony Morales and Juaneno Elder Lillian Robles.

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