Driving the Future -- Electric Vehicles


Unused Electric grid capacity, if used to charge plug-capable cars, is more than sufficient to eliminate overseas oil imports. View details on electcan.htm
  plugsandcars.blogspot.com Marc Geller's BLOG
California Air Resources Board (CARB) failed us CARB betrayed us, voted 8-3 to allow auto companies to crush Electric cars
Removed Electric car component of ZEV mandate
Hydrogen Hype shown to CARB Carb voted for Fuel Cell cars anyway, and look what it got them. Nothing.
Yahoo EV-for-everyone group Support production EVs available for sale without restriction
EV1.org GM crushed and then shredded theirElectric car, clouding their future.
HondaEV.org Honda EV Plus confiscated And crushed
NoGaso.com Electric cars still running!
  SealBeach.org Electric car pays for solar power system


Electric Transportation Solutions

Retailer of electric scooters, bikes, golf carts, low speed electric vehicles and off-road electric vehicles
UrbanScooters.com Electric Scooters America's #1 destination for high quality, brand name electric scooters, electric bikes, parts and accessories.

Links of interest to reviving the plug-in EV program

Regen.org Founded on the principles of the late Prof. J.T. Lyle
FairTradeImports.net Claremont fair trade shop run by regens
NoGaso.com VW Conversion using ACPropulsion AC-150
HondaEV.org Honda EV+ 1997 Nickel Metal Hydride EV was confiscated and destroyed. Some of the battery-electric drivetrain remain as hydrogen demonstrators, the motor works on the batteries even if the fuel cell were to fail.
www.socalev.com Converted VW to EV.
EV1-club.power.net Official EV1 Club.
EV1.ORG EV1 drivers.
Red EV1 Experiences from actual lease customers of the GM EV1.
Greg Hansen's EV1 Far-ranging experiences expanding the envelope.
Kris Trexler's EV1 Kris Trexler drove his old lead acid powered EV1 across America.
ACPropulsion.com Makers of the T-Zero and ACP-150 drive train for EVs, inventors of Reductive Charging
EDriveSystems.com Plug-in Prius gets over 100 mpg, runs better
CalCars.org Promoting plug-in Prius

Electric Vehicle Organizations

www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/zevprog/zevprog.htm Air Resources Board ZEV site, but CARB failed EVs.
CA OTT California Office of Transportation Technology.
Electric Vehicles Association A consumer oriented resource for EV owners (since 1967). "While we've mostly been dealing with conversions (since the production cars weren't around), we would like to welcome the owners of production cars into our group as we all plug into the future."
EV WORLD Extensive, inclusive database, on-line articles, stock info, real audio clips.
Green Shopping in Georgia Future distribution site for EVs?