Solar power and electric cars can provide more than enough energy and transport than we need.

Big Oil and their captive auto industry depend on Internal Combusion ("IC") for their profits, and have fought production and sale of Electric cars.

With the poisonous dependence on overseas oil imports bankrupting our treasury and poisoning our kids lungs,
the move to plug-in oil-free cars is a matter of survival.

2007 U.S.C. study shows that living near freeways stunts the growth of children's lungs, permanently reducing lung capacity and inducing asthma and other lung diseases. Auto pollution has also been linked to other ailments including heart disease. This is said to affect urban design; but it shows there is no way to live in close proximity to the auto exhaust and refinery pollution. It's not the freeways that kills kids lungs, it's the AUTO EXHAUST.

"3677 children...from 12 southern California communities that represent a wide range in regional air quality. Children were followed up for 8 years, with yearly lung-function measurements recorded. For each child, we identified several indicators of residential exposure to traffic from large roads. Regression analysis was used to establish whether 8-year growth in lung function was associated with local traffic exposure, and whether local traffic effects were independent of regional air quality. FINDINGS: Children who lived within 500 m of a freeway (motorway) had substantial deficits in 8-year growth ...local exposure to freeways and regional air pollution had detrimental, and independent, effects on lung-function growth. Pronounced deficits in attained lung function at age 18 years were recorded for those living within 500 m of a freeway..."
U.S.C. study published in the NIH Lancet
2006: NSC says Auto emissions the dirtiest thing we do
2004: Smoggy air and damaged lungs in kids correlated

GM destroyed the EV1 on the left in 2003, but the RAV4-EV on the right is still running strong.

One of these clean cars was destroyed, one is still running. Toyota sold the RAV4-EV, on the right, to the public, while GM took back and destroyed perfectly fine EV1 cars. If not for GM, both these oil-free cars would still be running.


The case for re-opening the EV1 Electric Car line
Electric can replace gasoline in cars


Can Government Mandates make a difference?
Only if the people are vigilant against e oil industry bribes.

real patriots drive EVs--not CARB

The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) program was originally intended to put a large fleet of ZEV cars on the road.

In 1996, it was undermined and weakened to little more than a demonstration program.

CARB proved that Electric cars are possible, and forced auto makers to reluctantly make a few ZEV.
Oil Dependence Anemia: Only the Zero Emission Vehicle ("ZEV") mandate is capable of enforcing clean air standards, reducing dependence on oil, and promoting serial-hybrid Electric cars.

Dirty air affects not only our own and our children's health in asthma and other lung diseases, but pollutants from refineries, oil spills, and car and diesel exhaust come down from the air on roads, concrete and buildings, and get washed into the streams and into the Ocean as a big component of so-called "Urban Runoff".

International Center for Technology Assessment:
hidden cost of gasoline $5.60 to $15.14 (new link)

History of the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate

Any innovation is a danger sign for an industry afraid to meet the future

Hybrids at best postpone the problem, and higher gas mileage just 
helps SUV makers meet their CAFE fleet mpg requirements

Fuel Cells--future benefit, or fairy tale?  What is the real potential of fuel cells?

Global Warming is no longer a myth.  The rate is increasing....

Easy to follow arithmetic shows ZEV really are at least 97% cleaner!


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