It's the only issue that matters.

Instead of drilling for oil, causing inevitable oil spills, coal mines ruining valleys, oil wars and oil dictators:

The unused rooftops of America can provide more than all the energy we use now -- even if all cars were plug-in and all trains ran on electric.

Put oil and coal drillers, and others, to work building and installing solar panels, and building plug-in cars. Batteries, after 100K or 200K miles, can be remelted to make new batteries, no new mining needed.
Electric cars are the future. They have fewer and less severe accidents and don't require oil changes, tune ups and other maintenance needed by Oil-Fired Vehicles.

This is America. We can do whatever we set out to do.

An oil-free vision for America: why not use our ingenuity to solve the problem!

History of the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate

Any innovation is a danger sign for an industry afraid to meet the future

Hybrids at best postpone the problem, and higher gas mileage just 
helps SUV makers meet their CAFE fleet mpg requirements

Fuel Cells--future benefit, or fairy tale?  What is the real potential of fuel cells?

Global Warming is no longer a myth.  The rate is increasing....

Easy to follow arithmetic shows ZEV really are at least 97% cleaner!


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