Drive free of cost as well as free of pollution, and don't contribute to foreign oil profits.

The case for re-opening the EV1 Electric Car line

In response to the movie
Who Killed the Electric Car GM has issued press releases, created a webpage of explanation, and purchased several GOOGLE search terms to get its response out. Clearly, GM is concerned about its image as "executioner".

GM CEO Wagoner admits
(June Motor Trend) that his "worst decision" was Axing the EV1 and not putting the "right resources" into hybrids.

Unnoticed by GM, former EV1 drivers felt betrayed by GM's destruction of their clean plug-in cars. Many purchased solar electric systems to make the electric to drive them, and now must purchase gasoline because their EV1 clean car was crushed against their wishes.

GM will gain a lot of credibility with an admission of its mistake, especially if it issues a committment to replace each and every EV1 that was crushed, sell the EV1 on the open market, and promote solar systems to be sold and financed with the cars.

Why not? What does GM, after all, have to lose at this point?

GM needs a new direction, with Mr. Kerkorian proposing a global alliance with Nissan and Renault that will result in foreign control of GM. Startup would cost very little, perhaps $30M. The GM plant that made the EV1 is now idled and available. The the former EV1 workers, many who loved being a part of the clean car program, are all retired, fired or on the jobs bank, and thus available for work at reduced wages. The EV1 machine-dies and parts suppliers can all be revitalized.

The cost would be minimal, and
the Public Relations triumph would be huge.

GM could market the EV1 by September, if it gets going now.

Folding the financing for the EV1 with a solar system adequate to provide the electric credits to run it will re-establish GM as "America's car company" and also make a lot of money.

Buyers would have visible evidence of being part of the solution to our oil dependence problem, and of producing the motive power for their own car.

GMAC could finance the equity loans, and many patriots would step right up to the opportunity to help the cause.