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Synergies of Photo Voltaic Solar Power (PV) and Electric cars (EV)
can solve our
Oil Dependence Anemia with a cleaner world

Photo-Voltaic rooftop solar systems lower peak daytime electric demand, and generate credits for using cheap night-time electric capacity for charging plug-capable electric cars
Plug-capable Electric Vehicles charge up slowly overnight, allowing electric companies to amortize expensive generators over more hours of operation, converting current gasoline consumption to clean, available -- and often cost-free -- electric power.

Graph of typical daytime summer electric usage shows daytime peak surge, night off-peak power surplus

This graph of typical summertime California electric usage shows that each night at least 80,000 mwh (80,000,000 kwh) of electric capacity is lost because demand falls from the daytime peak and generators must be ramped down and shut off. This energy would power Electric cars for 320,000,000 miles(4 miles per kwh) the next day, replacing 16,000,000 gallons of gasoline (at 20 miles per gallon, our fleet average). California gasoline consumption is about 40,000,000 gallons per day, so using this excess capacity could reduce consumption about a third, enough so that overseas oil imports would not be required. Redirecting this excess capacity to charge up plug-capable electric cars would also help the electric company, and the grid, equalize loads and more easily amortize expensive electric generation equipment.
Rooftop photo-voltaic (PV) systems generate energy in the daytime to lower the peak demand, reducing the need for expensive, dirty "peaker" generators. Electric credits from the PV system can be used to pay for night-time charging of the Electric car, allowing people to avoid gas stations and drive essentially cost-free as well as oil-free.