GM crushed and then shredded each and every EV1, and their parts.
They were able to do so because CARB goofed.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) voted 8-3 to kill ZEV mandate

The ZERO Emission Vehicle program was designed to show that zero emission cars are practical and fun. It succeeded in doing that, as there are a lucky corps of happy Electric Vehicle drivers whose cars had to be ripped away from them.
Alan Lloyd, who was appointed Chair by the reputedly corrupt ex-Gov. Davis, has presided over killing the electric car program and CARB's shameful surrender to the Oil Lobby.

EV1 outside CARB

Plug in hybrid in front of CARB

EV1 is being confiscated by GM, removing clean cars from the hands of avid drivers, with the connivance of CARB.

Plug in hybrid, developed by volunteers, USA oil and auto monopoly must be forced to produce them.

CARB members

real patriots drive EVs--not CARB

8 votes killed EVs

Carb refuses to support ZEV mandate

lots of charts by the clever

Battery electric vehicles are proven and work right now. This is the only technology which, in combination with solar electric rooftop systems, allows people to live OIL FREE.

Serial hybrid cars, which plug in overnight, can expect to use zero gas on most trips around town, and up to 500 mpg (that's right, five hundred miles per gallon) of gasoline on total usage.

Write to CARB asking for revival of the EV mandate:
California Air Resources Board
P.O. Box 2815
Sacramento, CA 95812

Only the Zero Emission Vehicle ("ZEV") mandate is capable of enforcing clean air standards. Dirty air affects not only our own and our children's health in asthma and other lung diseases, but pollutants from refineries, oil spills, and car and diesel exhaust come down from the air on roads, concrete and buildings, and get washed into the streams and into the Ocean as a big component of so-called "Urban Runoff".

History of the Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate

Any innovation is a danger sign for an industry afraid to meet the future

Hybrids at best postpone the problem, and higher gas mileage just 
helps SUV makers meet their CAFE fleet mpg requirements

Fuel Cells--future benefit, or fairy tale?  What is the real potential of fuel cells?

Global Warming is no longer a myth.  The rate is increasing....

Easy to follow arithmetic shows ZEV really are at least 97% cleaner!


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